“As a CPA and investment advisor representative, my clients know they can count on me for their financial services needs.”
- W. Scott Pacetti

Cowan & Pacetti, Inc.
W. Scott Pacetti, CPA

Pace-Setting Financial Services
For St. Augustine Investors


136 Malaga Street
St. Augustine, FL 32084
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W. Scott Pacetti knows his client community. He understands the lifestyle his clients live and their goals for the future. His comprehensive financial services can address investment, tax and insurance needs for his clients.

As a financial life consultant, Scott puts your needs first. He doesn't try to sell you an investment or a product that would be best for his bottom line; he consults you to determine the financial options best for your life.

You may have an active retirement in mind, with new adventures and new business ventures. Or, you may just want to relax. Whatever your desired pace and lifestyle, Scott can help you plan for it.

Scott prides himself on the "face time" he offers his clients. He builds long-lasting relationships, and he's always there for them - no further than a phone call or quick visit away. He's a voice of assurance, listening to learn about their needs and helping them make necessary adjustments as their lives change.

Scott's clients truly understand the value of a dollar. They are professionals who've strived to realize a well-deserved, quality retirement.

By integrating tax planning and tax-advantaged investing, Scott gives them the potential to keep pace with inflation and enhance their retirement nest eggs and income.

By assisting their longtime legal and business advisors with insurance and estate planning, he helps to reduce financial ambiguity and helps you have a greater degree of security with your wealth.

Ultimately, by acting as the primary source for his clients' financial and tax planning, Scott is able to eliminate contradiction and confusion, and give his clients a confident path toward their dreams.

Don't delay. Now's the time to get on track for a comfortable retirement by setting goals, and by allowing Scott to set the pace. Count on accessibility, answers, and personal service from Scott Pacetti. Contact him today to discuss your financial and retirement planning issues.

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